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This Officials Training Program is the most comprehensive introductory overview of what to expect when working as a motorsport official. It is designed to assist in increasing your awareness of motorsport safety, understanding the need for procedures and protocols, and how you and your colleagues can best work together to ensure successful events and safe outcomes for all.

Hundreds of thousands of people volunteer as officials worldwide, and it is most likely that you are involved because you have an interest in the sport. But there is a serious side to the sport and it is important that you understand the risks involved and why governance and regulations are paramount to ensuring safety for everyone.

Each module in this Officials Training Program contains a video and quiz, so please take note of the information provided to you to help ensure a safe work environment for you and your colleagues at motorsport events.

We hope you will find this e-learning module useful and enjoyable.


Course Objectives

The objective of this e-learning program is to introduce you to the world of motorsport as a volunteer official. The course will give you a general introduction to the various roles and responsibilities a motorsport official has.

It aims to help you develop a greater understanding of why there are various safety procedures in place, the risks you may face while working at an event, how to work safely, efficiently, and productively in your role and with others, and to be familiar with general code of conduct procedures so that your work as a motorsport official is a successful and enjoyable one.

 Course Instructor

The core of this course was designed by the Emirates Motorsports Organization (EMSO) as an introductory course aimed at increasing the number of volunteers worldwide.

The course was developed in consultation with the FIA Safety Department.

Teaching Approach and Grading

This course consists of 5 modules and contains videos, information notes and 5 quizzes. You need to answer all questions correctly to move on to the next topic.

A certificate will be issued upon completion of this training course.

Course Outline

Introduction: The World of Motorsport


Module 1: Roles & Responsibilities – Types of Reporting Lines

Module 2: Code of Conduct & Importance of Safety

Module 3: Reducing Risks

Module 4: Educate Yourself & Be Prepared

Module 5: The Final Word

Final Quiz

Course Summary