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MKI Completes Successful Kuwaiti Officials Safety Training

Kuwait, 23 March 2012:

On the second and final day of the Rally Officials Safety training for volunteer officials of the Kuwait International Automobile Club (KIAC), the training team of the Motorsport Knowledge Institute again admired and commended the dedication and commitment of over a 100 participants who devoted their free time to learning. Many of the participants had already had an early start that day in preparation for this weekends next round of the national rally championship, and came from the stages straight to the classroom with their workbook in hand.

Intensive classroom training was complimented with a number of practical assignment, including setting up a replica rally stage, complete with control boards and timing equipment, and a rally radio reporting training simulation.
Both Sheikh Athbi Jaber Alahmad Al Sabah, the Chairman of the Rally Committee at the Quarter Mile Club, and Fuad Abu-Arja, Secretary of the KIAC, spent both training days in the classroom along with their volunteers, setting an excellent example of dedication to gaining knowledge, as well as inspiring and uniting their team.

Even though the training came to a finish on Friday evening, the MKI will continue to mentor their colleagues in Kuwait, helping them to implement the knowledge they received and thus raise the standard of motorsports safety in their nation.
The objective of the training project in Kuwait is to educate the officials of the KIAC on the subject of rallying, and is held at the eve of the a round of the Kuwait National Rally Championship, organized by the Quarter Mile Club, in conjunction with the KIAC.
Funded in part by the FIA Foundation’s Motor Sport Safety Development Fund, the project is aimed at raising the standard of officials safety in Kuwait. The Motor Sport Safety Development Fund was established in 2008 as a charitable fund to help develop and improve motorsports safety, training and education in motor sport worldwide. The FIA Institute manages the programmes of the Fund on behalf of the FIA Foundation. This includes the Officials Safety Training Programme under which this activity is being conducted.

The MKI was established by ATCUAE President Mohammed Ben Sulayem as the training and education division of the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE).

The Kuwait International Rally is the second round of the 2012 FIA Middle East Rally Championship, and will be held from the 12th to the 14th April, 2012.