Examples from motorsports

Let us review famous examples from the world of motorsport of incidents that may have required Psychological First Aid…

Example 1

During the incident, Simoncelli’s close friend Valentino Rossi was unable to avoid collision with his body.

Example 2

An incident during the 1955 Le Mans 24 Hours resulted in the deaths of 83 people, with a further 120 injured.

The incident had huge repercussions in the world of motorsport, with many parties blaming each other for what happened.

Motorsport was temporarily banned in France and Germany, and remains banned in Switzerland until this day. Mercedes, whose car hit the spectators, withdrew from frontline motorsports for close to thirty years.


Example 3

Roger Williamson fatally injured during the 1973 Dutch F1 GP. Fellow competitor David Purley tried in vain to rescue him from the fire.

Despite being awarded the George Medal (UK’s second highest award for civilian bravery) for his actions, Purley always believed that more could have been done to save Williamson.