One-to-One Peer Support

Employing the SAFER-R model, this is a step by step model for working with working with individuals in crisis.

The SAFER-R model is as follows…

  • Stabilize
  • Acknowledge
  • Facilitate
  • Encourage
  • Recovery
  • Referral


  • Create a calm environment
  • Be professional
  • Offer words of support to help them feel safe
  • Treat life-threatening emergencies
  • Have “therapeutic presence”


  • Evaluate and recognize the current situation
  • Gather information
  • Be empathetic
  • Explain why you are there
  • Acknowledge that the event has occurred and that there are reactions to the event


  • Determine if cognitive processes are intact
  • Think of the type of help the client needs
  • Assist family members as needed
  • Pass on helpful information when appropriate


  • Continue to build rapport
  • Continue to reorient patient & family
  • Move them toward help or transport
  • Explain your concerns
  • Encourage the victims to take action in their own best interests


  • Be empathetic and reinforce that they are in good hands
  • Reinforce your treatment and transportation plan
  • If the situation is resolved, the person may be released from your care


Assist the victim or family in identifying additional resources

Suggest community organizations, clergy, or support groups

Recommendation for additional crisis intervention services or professional care if available