Course Description


This course examines the nature of a crisis, communication and management tools which are required to deal with a crisis during motorsport events.

Designed for event promoters, organisers, senior officials and press-officers covering motorsport events, the course is designed to enhance the skills such as identifying potential vulnerabilities, planning for crisis and handling crisis communications.

It covers the crisis environment, such as the stakeholders who are influenced by the crisis or can influence the organization.

The media, in particular social media, plays a crucial role in crisis management and we will discuss this factor throughout the course.

Examination of actual high-profile case studies is built into the course to compliment the learning.


Course Objectives

By the conclusion of the course, participants should have developed a deeper understanding of the nature of a motorsport crisis, range of tools and tactics they need to successfully plan for, deal with and get over the crisis situations, as well as to communicate in an effective manner while dealing with a crisis.

Course Instructor


The MKI Chairman, Dr. Sean O’Connor holds Masters Degrees in both Marketing and Political Communications. He also was awarded a PhD for his published works.

He has first-hand experience in dealing with the media in crisis situations in different parts of the world. At the early stage of his motorsport career he was working in media services for Marlboro, when the company’s marketing strategy included sponsoring motorsport events. Sean is a former Promoter of a WRC round – Rally Ireland.


Teaching Approach


The course consists of four modules which are available as video lectures. Each module will have at least one orientation quiz and the course will be concluded with the final quiz.

There will be two case studies of real-life high-profile crisis situations, designed to deepen the understanding of the crisis impact if it is not managed correctly.

There is no required textbook used in this course, however there is a list of recommend additional reading on crisis management and communication.




Orientation Quizzes – you must answer at least 2 out of 3 correctly to move to the next section, however do not count for grading

Case Studies (2 in this course) – 60% of the grade

Final Quiz – 40% of the grade

The pass rate to obtain the course completion certificate is set at 85%.


Recommended Reading


  • “Crisis Management in the New Strategy Landscape”, by William Crandall, John Parnell and John Spillan, Sage Publications, 2009.


  • “Crisis Communication: Theory and Practice”, by Alan Jay Zaremba, 2010


  • “Crisis Communications in the 24/7 Social Media World”, by Bill Walker, 2014


  • Guidelines on FIA procedures in case of serious accidents, FIA Safety Commission (document is being updated and will be circulated shortly / available shortly upon request)

Selected articles: