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Officials Training Program

This Officials Training Program is the most comprehensive introductory overview of what to expect when working as a motorsport official. It is designed to assist in increasing your awareness of motorsport safety, understanding the need for procedures and protocols, and how you and your colleagues can best work together to ensure successful events and safe outcomes for all.


Recovery of Open Wheeled Race Vehicles

This officials safety training course is the first undertaking to formalize and structure the vast knowledge of vehicle recovery that FIA and ASNs have developed over decades of circuit racing. It is designed to assist FIA members worldwide to train motorsport officials in recovery procedures for open-wheel race cars.


Motorsport Crisis Communication

This course examines the nature of a crisis, communication and management tools which are required to deal with a crisis during motorsport events.


Critical Incident Management for Chief Medical Officers

This module is aimed at Chief Medical Officers both new in post and experienced.
The course will take you through the planning, management and review of critical incidents.
It will describe the steps taken to ensure that you are prepared and respond well to incidents and review your performance afterwards.


Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Psychological First Aid (PFA) was developed in the middle of the 20th century to teach first-responders how to minimize the trauma resulting from stressful events, and to help victims and survivors deal with unfortunate circumstances by creating an atmosphere of safety, calm and support.