Next Steps after acknowledgement

Next Steps after Acknowledgement

  • These depend to a large extend on the nature and scale of the crisis
  • In some cases a series of mini updates will be required
  • In some cases post-event actions (investigation, safety or administration measures) will be required
  • In most a detailed statement will be required
  • And in some cases a press conference will be required
  • If casualties are moved to hospital then it is the role of the hospital to make statements re medical outcomes … not you
  • Sample follow tweet/statement in such cases:
  • A driver injured on Stage 7 of the X Rally has been removed to ABC Hospital following initial treatment at the scene of the accident by emergency teams.

Cancellation of the Event

  • This is a matter for the Stewards as per FIA regulations
  • Such a decision depends on the severity of the situation
  • Once the COC has been made aware he/she must advise the CMT and plan communication to the public and other stakeholders

The Statement

  • Key Facts
  • Measures taken to address the issue
  • If appropriate you are cooperating with relevant authorities
  • Successful implementation of the emergency plan
  • Stress the good safety record of motorsport
  • If appropriate/necessary that a full enquiry will be carried out
  • If necessary Family(ies) have been contacted

The ideal spokesperson:

  • A senior official of the event, ideally Clerk of the Course or Event Director
  • Event uniform
  • Able to articulate
  • Possesses good event and motorsport knowledge
  • Comfortable with the media (ideally has had media training)

Press Conference


  • Easy access for media
  • Event HQ
  • Notice issued by press office to all media / accredited press on event.
  • Do not allow non-media attend

  • Rehearse statement
  • Anticipate questions
  • Don’t drink alcohol or coffee before
  • Review media listening reports


  • Don’t look directly at the camera but do keep eye contact with reporters
  • Do not use technical motorsport words the audience will not understand
  • Deliver the important information first
  • Try to speak in sound bites of 5-10 second clips that will facilitate selective editing afterwards
  • Remember you are the expert

Taking Questions

  • Never speculate
  • Do not provide additional information when responding that may provide additional negative oxygen for the story
  • If you get a question that is outside your remit, say so perhaps directing the question to the appropriate source e.g. Hospital concerned